Lead Magnets Help Drive Traffic to Your Website like my Email Series - What High Converting Websites Do Differently

What Is A Lead Magnet? 10 Ideas For You to Use

What Is a Lead Magnet? 10 Ideas for you to start using now!

Capturing contact information, like emails and phone numbers, are great ways for you to stay in touch with customers. The more value you add to their life, the more likely they’ll build trust – and come to you when they need the product or service you offer. 

The challenge is asking – and getting – that contact information without using sleazy sales tactics (we’ve all visited those sites and know the aggravation that comes from endless pop-ups). The solution? Lead magnets!

Lead magnets are exactly what they sound like – they attract your leads! Think irresistible offerings that a prospect wants to have, in exchange for their contact information.

These great tools have tremendous value and can explode your leads! In fact, one of my lead magnets has given me thousands of email addresses and contact information in a very short time. Why? Because it’s a value that my website visitors want to get their hands on.

Here’s the good news. Lead Magnets don’t have to be lengthy or take a lot of time to create.

You simply need to solve a problem for your ideal client. What brought them to a website like yours and what would they love to get for free?

Focus on quality over quantity. This is your chance to impress your prospect.

Create a lead magnet that offers tremendous value within five minutes of the download. It shouldn’t overwhelm the reader or be a long class that may or may not get completed. 

A great example of an instant value lead magnet is my Instagram highlight icons. As a designer, these are easy for me to create and they’re a big hit for someone who may not have access to or training on Photoshop. Within five minutes, these icons can be uploaded to the user’s IG account – offering a free (fast) upgrade!

Another example is a five-day email series I created to help users optimize their website. Who doesn’t want to have a better converting site? And although my email tips go out over five days, the BEST tip goes out in the very first email the prospect gets instantly!

Lead Magnets Help Drive Traffic to Your Website like my Email Series - What High Converting Websites Do Differently

10 Lead Magnet Ideas to Get Started

Like I said above, lead magnets don’t have to take a lot of your time – or resources. Below are a few ideas you can implement quickly.

Access to a FB Community – establishing an active online community is a great way to keep your clients – and prospective clients – engaged. By offering exclusive access, you’re creating something that is rewarding the moment they log-in. 

An Educational PDF Download – not sure where to start? What is the most common question your clients ask you or your team?

Education E-mail Series – like my email optimization series, offering solutions your clients love over a few days is a great way to start building a value association with your emails in their inbox.

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts – who doesn’t love a great summary? Take your top ten blog posts and put them into a downloadable that prospects can easily digest.

A Resource Guide (Your Top Tools Used) – if you have popular tools that existing clients already love, introduce your new prospective visitors to them.

A Checklist – one of my personal favorites – checklists are great ways to help people complete a project, from an expert’s point of view. By giving them everything they need, you show that working with you provides INSTANT value and helps them with their blind spots.

A Webinar or Video Training – this project may take a little longer to create, but it can be worth it! Include new, exclusive content or tap into one of the ideas above. By seeing and hearing you, it creates a more personal connection with your brand.

Free Trial – this works really well for a service or product that people love once they’ve tried it!

Discount or Free Shipping – this is a widely popular lead magnet for e-commerce sites and often comes up before you’ve even started shopping. If you choose to offer one of these magnets, you may want to encourage conversion by including a time limit.

Quiz or Survey – not only do people love taking quizzes, but it’s also a great way to showcase your brand personality by making the survey fun and personable. For this option, you’ll need to check with your web designer and make sure you’re set up with the right code or plug-in to convert answers into unique results.

Assessment or Test – like the quiz or survey, an assessment or test draws people in. These options work well for professional services and may include more in-depth questions or require lengthier answers. Like the quizzes, they’ll require the right tools to produce custom results for your prospective clients.

Creating irresistible content for your prospects is the best way to show your value the minute they visit your site. If you have questions about how you can implement lead magnets on your website or want to learn more, let’s connect!

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