What High Converting Websites Do Differently

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what's include in the five days?

✔️ What "above the fold" means and how changes there can instantly clarify your business to visitors.
✔️  Why mobile matters. Over 60% of online searches come from a mobile device, which means you need to know what it takes to ensure your website is mobile friendly (it's not just about looking good).
✔️ How and WHAT metrics you need to track on Google Analytics. There's three and they can make a big difference in your conversions!
✔️ & more!

It's not you, it's your website.

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Meet Macey

To say designing is my passion is an 

But design without knowledge can stop you from reaching your goals.

I built this email series to help you learn how to optimize your site and continue to grow your business - on autopilot. There is a big difference between a beautiful site and one converts visitors into customers.

I want you to have both! With both you can attract your ideal clients and customers, align your business with your true vision and move you towards making the kind of money you really want.

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