It’s my one year anniversary of using Showit.Co exclusively for my clients! When I discovered this program, I was in awe. Mainly, how powerful the software is and two, how affordable it was! For so long, I struggled with putting my clients on a website. It has the most powerful backend, but was a […]

Top 5 Reasons to Use Showit

Top 5 Reasons to Use Showit



It’s my one year anniversary of using Showit.Co exclusively for my clients!

When I discovered this program, I was in awe. Mainly, how powerful the software is and two, how affordable it was!

For so long, I struggled with putting my clients on a website. It has the most powerful backend, but was a PAIN for clients to update and they felt so intimidated by it. My clients needed a professional, beautiful and clean website design but did not have the time or patience to learn how to maintain it. Many times, I would get the dreaded email or text that they had tried to change something but ended up messing with the code or compromising their site.

Allow me to introduce Showit. I’ve summarized my love for Showit into five, short reasons below – the reasons I only design client websites using it!

Use Showit

5 Reasons Why I Love Showit

Complete Design Freedom

My favorite part of the design process is when I get to start with a completely blank, white Showit canvas. Truly the sky is the limit with design and anything I or my client can come up with, we can do with Showit. Little pieces, such as video integration, handwritten elements, quizzes, etc can be done with Showit. The visual impact that a Showit website have are just out of this world- it is not just one static image and text pasted on an about page, it is my client’s personality. We can create a site completely custom to my client’s personality, filled with everything they love so it feels like them – and therefore, their business feels like home.

Easy to Hand Off (+ no CODE!)

Now, the hand off from designer to client has never been easier. With the extensive video library I have created in my Free Resource Studio, and a custom video walkthrough for each client, my clients have the resources to know how to make edits to their site.

Great Support

The Showit team has one of the strongest support teams I have ever seen. They are knowledgeable about the platform and can walk you through any task – small or large. They also take care of the migration for your blog – so all those blog posts you’re concerned about transferring over? They will take care of it. That reason alone, I was sold, but the Showit community on Facebook and the entire help site that they have has provided me with plentiful support.

NO Code

Yes, I said that right! You can create an entirely custom website without touching a bit of code. It almost feels like magic, to me, as the wizards of Showit take your site and behind the scenes turn it into a WordPress blog template as soon as you hit publish. The WordPress backend is used as your function blog while you make design edits in the Showit App. Before, if a client needed to change a picture on their website or update text they would need to head into the Customizer or an even more confusing Visualizer that was clunky, slow and confusing. Now, my clients no longer have to jump into the WordPress dashboard to update a photo or mess with the editor – they can head to the Showit app to make any cosmetic changes to their site.

Showit can be easily used if you are not even a designer. The app looks and operates similarly to Illustrator or Photoshop (but simplified) and, and so the learning curve is very small. Usually my clients are in their sites updating photos and some text right after they watch my walkthrough videos.

WordPress Backend (+ Security)

There are almost 75 MILLION sites on WordPress right now, and rightfully so. It has always seemed intimidating for newbies because there is so much you can do (and break… :)), but now with Showit, you have the user-friendly power of a DIY site builder AND a powerhouse blog with a fully integrated WordPress site in one. It is the best of both worlds!

They also install Yoast SEO plugin, the best SEO plugin for WordPress, and one of the only plugins that I recommend paying for the premium version.

And, one last bonus – the security of your site has never been stronger. I have seen multiple WordPress sites hacked, unfortunately, but Showit partners with the number one platform in the industry, WPEngine. WPEngine manages security, updates and server operations for running an efficient WordPress site.  Plugin updates happen automatically and only the available shared and installed plugins may be activated – so you literally cannot break your site. 🙂

If you have any more questions about Showit, please email me at or pop a question in the comments.

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Showit


  1. This answers the questions I had on your call last week! Thanks for the simplicity of this explanation. I was on WP for 5 years and just in the last year switched to Squarespace because I couldn’t do what I wanted without knowing coding. But I do miss Yoast!! I didn’t realize ShowIt has a WP back-end. Sounds like the best of both worlds. <3 Priska

    • macey says:

      Yes, I’m so glad! They also have amazing templates that are free and easy to customize. Let me know what you think when you make the switch!

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