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We’ve all done it. Fallen into the Pinterest Rabbit Hole, pinning away at DIY, recipes, design inspiration. We may have also said, “Yeah, I need to get on my Pinterest marketing,” and yet it is the very last thing on our to do list. If anything I’ve learned since start Be Bold Design Studio, it’s […]

Pinterest and Tailwind: A Marketing Goldmine

Pinterest and Tailwind: A Marketing Goldmine



We’ve all done it. Fallen into the Pinterest Rabbit Hole, pinning away at DIY, recipes, design inspiration. We may have also said, “Yeah, I need to get on my Pinterest marketing,” and yet it is the very last thing on our to do list.

If anything I’ve learned since start Be Bold Design Studio, it’s that the power of FREE marketing and utilizing everything you can before you spend a dime is so imperative, that it almost dumbfounds me that anyone does not see the absolute crazy potential Pinterest has to explode their business.

What Is Pinterest and Why Should You Use It?

Pinterest is a free image search engine, with the bonus of also appearing in regular search engines – it is as powerful as Youtube and Wikipedia in search engine rankability. One of the biggest differentiators is that Pinterest is all about driving website traffic vs. just posting an image. In most cases, people on Pinterest have a research mindset, and they fully expect when they click on an image containing a product to be brought to a product page.

Oh, did I also mention that it is a highly social asset with a long-term lifespan?  Unlike an Instagram or Facebook Post or email blast, which will be pushed down in the timeline and be seen by nobody after a few days, a pin does not disappear into cyberspace; it will live on for many months after its original creation. A pin remains on top of the pages. To this day, I am still getting traffic and platform engagement on pins I created months ago and have not touched since I created them.

However, when I began my Pinterest marketing efforts, I found that I did not have time to pin every day. So, I looked into a marketing software similar to Hootsuite or Planoly to help.

pinterest and tailwind

 In Comes Tailwind

I started using Tailwind, a Pinterest marketing software, to streamline Be Bold Design Studio by scheduling posts, optimizing post reach and keeping track of analytics. Tailwind is an official marketing partner of Pinterest, which means they will be in it for the long run – an important factor to me because I wanted to make sure that anything I used would not harm my ranking in the Pinterest algorithm.

Since using Tailwind, I have had an average of 100k views to my profile per month, received hundreds of clicks to my website, and received actual leads for my design business.

Tailwind costs $15 a month and has a free trial for up to 100 pins – which is just enough for you to begin to see the potential.

What I Love About Tailwind


All you need to do is install the extension on your browser and then you can easily schedule out anything you would like to pin on the web. There is a multi-select tool as well, so you can schedule multiple pins at once. So, when I say I go on a Pinterest- spree, I’m usually pinning the next few weeks worth of pins. I am pinning about 5-8 times a day, and with Tailwind, it takes me less than an hour to do all of this.


I love that Tailwind sends me weekly updates on my top performing pins – check out my most recent email. This helps me create content more align with the best-performing pieces, so I can keep growing!


The Pin Inspector lets you drill down on the best performing pins. My favorite part is the Re-Schedule this Pin. I will often go through this list and reschedule all of my pins every month.

QUICK TIP: Pinterest is not like Instagram or even Facebook in that you can only post things once. Oftentimes your content is pulled into other pinners feeds one by one, so they will not see that you’ve repinned something more than once. If you practice this for every blog post you write, you’ll be sure to increase readership — because re-pinned pins allow your audience to flourish!


Tribes solve a couple of challenges small business owners and marketers face: finding a steady supply of high quality content to share and getting that content to the right people. The idea behind Tailwind Tribes is to encourage a friendly, collaborative, and spam-free community where like-minded people share each other’s content.

With over 4,000 Tailwind Tribes to choose from, it’s easy to meet new influencers and work together to activate your community. I will say, it does get pretty cluttered and can be difficult to find tribes that have pins that are high quality. But, once you do, it is only a couple of clicks to save that tribe.


I love how I can easily paste in hashtags or descriptions. It’s super, super seamless and makes large-scale marketing a breeze!

I hope this post highlights the importance of using Pinterest in your marketing and how easy Tailwind can be in automating your business. Send me a message on Instagram if you have any questions regarding Pinterest!




Pinterest and Tailwind: A Marketing Goldmine


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