How to Repurpose Content to Save TIme

How To Re-purpose Content To Save Time

If you have a company, blog, social media accounts (and more!), you may easily feel the challenge of creating fresh content regularly. The good news is that you can easily repurpose your best content, keeping it fresh for your audience, and giving you room to breathe!

Here are my best tips to easily re-purpose your content.

How to Repurpose Content to Save TIme

Share Between Platforms

Some of my best performing social media posts start as inspiration from blog posts. Once you’ve created a blog that’s relevant to your audience, pulling inspiration from some of the content can be an easy way to connect with your followers on Instagram or Facebook. It also helps to create a cohesiveness of your brand’s message without being a straight forward copy and paste from your website.


Then, Study Your Current Content

The same concept is true in reverse. When you notice a social media post that has garnered a lot of engagement, pay attention to the message and imagery you shared and identify if the message can be expanded to a feature on your website, blog post or even educational tool for your audience. Identifying what resonates quickly is a great way to not only monitor what matters to your followers, but also to help determine what topics you should focus on for your next bundle of content creation.


Batch Your Best

Most websites offer the option of featuring or highlighting certain blog posts. Once you’ve identified which blog posts are the most read (look for the analytics section of your site to help you determine this), start featuring them. As you start to create a feature of those top performing posts, you can add related posts and eventually re-purpose a selection of these into a resource. One of the best ways I’ve grown my own business is through offering free content as a download or email link. Not only are my followers (and future clients) getting something for free, by curating it, they’re receiving the best content that I already know will be relevant to them.





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