5 Quick & Easy SEO Tips

Sometimes, it can feel as though there are too many blogging tips to remember. From the content of your blog post to the steps you can take to market your blog post, there are countless blogging best practices. Today, I’m excited to share 5 simple tips for a better optimized blog post. You’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization – the definition being the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. That sounds nice, right?!

These tips are easy to apply to your next blog post – they take me an additional 5 minutes and have made the biggest difference in my SEO!

seo tips

1. Optimize your titles and URLs

Your blog post title should be an eye-catching phrase that tells exactly what your article will be about. That means it must contain the main keyword in it and it also shouldn’t be too long.

Also, you have to pay attention to your URLs:

  • They should use hyphens(not underscores or other breaking words characters)
  • They must be SEO-friendly
  • They shouldn’t contain stop words
  • They shouldn’t be too long

2. Use Keywords in the first paragraph of your blog post.

The first paragraph is usually the most read one, so it’s best to add your keywords there too. You want to know what a blog post is about only by reading its first paragraph, so try to give that to your readers and Google will love your blog for that.

3. Try to add your keywords to one or two of your headings (preferably H2)

Using headings in your articles is one of the best ways to organize your information and to make your blog posts easy-to-read. They visually emphasize the main ideas of the post and guide your readers through it, so it’s important to let them know the important points of your article just by reading your headings.

Most of the people decide if they should read an article by scrolling and reading only the headings (hands up if you feel guilty about that too). I rarely read a blog post carefully if it’s not well structured because I find it very hard to concentrate and to extract the main ideas, so I totally prefer to decide which parts of an article are interesting for me to read.

4. Complete your images title and alt-text. Don’t forget to use your keywords there.

Alt text is the text that appears when you hover over an image or if the image could not be loaded. It is also used by screen readers and when your images are pinned directly from your website, so it has too many purposes to be ignored. By completing your alt text with a great caption that uses keywords, you’ll grow not only your Google SEO ranking but also your Pinterest ranking. Wait, whaaat? How’s that? Well, in case you didn’t know, Pinterest is a search engine, exactly like Google. That means that your Pinterest descriptions are very important if you want to have popular pins that appear in searches, so you must be able to control them if your readers decide to pin your images.

5. Interlink your content

People love when they find references to your old posts in your articles and Google knows that! It’s a great way to bring new traffic to your old content and to recommend more related posts to your readers. I don’t recommend using this tip if you have only a few posts, but once your blog grows and has more valuable resources, you should definitely add at least one interlink in every article. And don’t worry, you can go back to your old articles and add a reference to the recent ones wherever you want. All that matters is to not exaggerate with them and to bring real value to those who took their time to read your blog.

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Increasing your SEO rank is definitely not an easy thing to do, but if you learn some simple tips and you’re using the right tools it can be done! Since I started my blog, my best friend was Yoast SEO plugin. It’s so easy to use, it gives me detailed tips to improve my blog posts SEO and readability, I can edit the focus keyword and the Google snippet and all these features are included in the FREE version. Not to mention that they offer a lot of great SEO tips on their blog, so I truly recommend you to start using this plugin as soon as possible and I promise you that your readers will found your blog on the first Google page!

Thanks for reading! My name is Macey and I am a brand and website designer. Check out my services by clicking here!

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