3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Whether you are a small business owner or blogger, getting traffic to your website should be your number one goal once you launch your website.

Quality website traffic can help you see if your marketing is working, gather insights on your audience, improve your SEO (how people will find you organically), generate more leads and gain more customers.

In this blog post, I have just three ways (there are so many!) for you to start getting discovered online more.

Blogging to Drive Website Traffic

Marketing is no longer about chasing customers – it’s about attracting them. The best, long-term way to attract quality audiences is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the ability for your website to be found when people use search engines like Google.

Through blogging, you are creating more “facets” of your website, and helping your blog more readily found. You are also able to leaverage yourself as an authority figure and build trust with your audience through blogging.

Quick Tips:

  • Blog at least TWICE a week for six months. Build up a base of quality, targeted blog posts towards your audience to show value and build trust.
  • I recommend using WordPress for blogging — and optimizing your reach though the use of the plugin called Yoast SEO.

Utilizing Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic

Pinterest has been an incredibly valuable tool in the growth of my own design business. In fact, a vast majority of my website traffic – and quality leads – have come from Pinterest!

There’s power behind using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Just take a look at these astounding facts:

To get started, I suggest:

  • Creating a Business Account and Set Up Rich Pins
  • Create a content marketing strategy where you share your best content – such as the blogs you are working on so hard from my previous post! Also consider creating a lead magnet.
  • Utilize Tailwind to automate your Pinterest Strategy.

While it can take some time Pinning consistently to see substantial results, the time you spend on Pinterest pays off for months and even years to come as content can surface in search for as long as people find it engaging.

Utilizing HARO to Boost Your Website Traffic

One of the easiest and most underutilized ways to get published is Help a Reporter Out (HARO). You can start using it immediately get PR for your business on influential media sites ranging from Forbes to Buzz Feed.

Best of all – it’s completely free. HARO sends you queries from reporters and bloggers, who are looking for sources to share their expertise, top tips and case studies.

When you sign up, you’ll immediately start getting three emails a day from HARO with PR leads broken down by categories like business, lifestyle, technology and healthcare.

My top tips for utilizing this crowd-sourcing tool are to:

  • Scan the emails daily and respond quickly.
  • Write a concise email response that precisely follows the requirements of the query. Usually the reporter or blogger will have provided explicit instructions for you to follow.
  • Say a little prayer and move on. This may be the one and only time I tell you not to follow up. With HARO, the reporters get so many responses, that it’s just cruel to follow-up. Either you’ll hear back from the reporter, be quoted in the story or you won’t.

HARO great tool for entrepreneurs for gaining exposure on reputable blogs and news outlets in your niche!

I hope this helps generate some more ideas for you on how to increase the traffic to your website! If you have any more tips or would like to chat about hiring professional website designer to optimize your blog, send me a note here!

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