Design for the bold type.

owned by macey miller

I own Be Bold Design Studio, a branding and website design studio located in the City Beautiful, Orlando.

I'm Macey -

I work with photographers, influencers and luxury brands to help them boldly stand out. Working with Be Bold means we will craft your brand, build a custom website, curate and design collateral materials, and set you up to make a statement on a local and international level.

Most of my clients meet me during a period of growth. It could be at the very beginning of your creation, or at a point where you’re ready to take it to a new level. Either way, you are not alone.


Instead of trying to fit in,
let's give your business permission to stand out.



Set yourself apart

We’ll work together to bring your passion, energy and excitement to your customer. Your brand will stand out in a way that you never thought possible.

Attract your ideal client

As a result of your vision coming to life, you’ll be better equipped to attract your ideal client. Our process will help you formalize all the components of your brand that makes you unique and irresistible.

Invite customers to spend more time on your website.

With content optimization, interactive features and a welcoming aesthetic, your clients won't want to leave your new site. 

Expect a high return on investment.

When you present your brand in the best light, expect changes. A higher conversion rate, along with the ability to increase pricing is normal for our clients after they've completed  the Be Bold design experience. 

" Every time I work with her I feel like we raise the bar and I learn how to better showcase my company."


"Macey has an incredible ability to see others' visions and craft together designs that perfectly align with your expectations, and then far exceed them."


"Macey is someone who loves what she does, and it shows through her incredible work ethic, boundless creativity and professional partnership.


"She gave insight and details about things I hadn’t thought of and helped me navigate some of my obstacles with branding and website design."


Nia was ready to take her blog from a side hustle to a full-time passion.