Design for the bold type

We design for the bold type - creatives who are relentlessly passionate and ready to take their business to the next level with branding and website design.


You need a brand that makes your business irresistible to a very loyal array of customers. A brand that creates opportunities and takes your business to places you could only dream of. A brand that gives you value and confidence in the work you do, resulting in the freedom to focus on what matters most. A brand that works alongside you, helping you confidently and capably build a business that thrives.

Be Bold can take your business to the next level with branding that transforms, from the inside out.


About the Studio

Many of our clients see an IMMEDIATE increase in site traffic, sign-ups and conversions after working with Be Bold Design Studio - making the time and money they invested worth it.


Beautiful Design, Strategy + Support

Increase conversions. Build a memorable brand. Set the right expectations. Look professional.

From the moment a potential client lands on your business, you have a few seconds to make an impression and get their attention. Let's work together to make those seconds count.


The Voyage Society


Tiffany D. Brown

Brand + Web Design

Are you a new business owner looking to make an impactful first impression? This experience best suits new or small businesses who need a new or fresh identity.



Our Services

Also known as, "Just go for it," this experience will provide a beautiful, unique brand design and strategic Showit website user experience. My team and I will partner with you to provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience for your one-of-a-kind story.

Custom Website Design


Design Experiences range from $1,200 to $5,200.

I am booking more clients than ever before and I receive so many compliments on my website.

Clients tell me consistently that my brand stood out above all the other candidates they considered and I have Macey to thank for that!


Macey is someone who loves what she does, and it shows through her incredible work ethic, boundless creativity and professional partnership.

She gave insight and details about things I hadn’t thought of and helped me navigate some of my obstacles with branding and website design.

- abbie sterling, PERSONAL TRAINER

She valued my honesty which made me comfortable to be authentic.

The decision to spend money on a website was challenging for me because I’ve always built my own. While I could have built another website I decided to INVEST in myself! I am so freaking grateful that I chose her!

- NICHOLE PAVLIcK, soloprenuer

She is efficient, creative and an incredible designer. My rebrand feels 100% authentic to me and I am so grateful!

Clients tell me consistently that my brand stood out above all the other candidates they considered and I have Macey to thank for that!

- Karina Ramos | the voyage society

She has this way of being incredibly professional and knowledgeable while also feeling like a long lost friend, which is a pretty rare find.

Not only is she just the kindest, most beautiful soul to work with, but she also truly knows her craft and made the process so effortless and enjoyable.


I am a photographer located out of the sunshine state of Florida, and really felt like I couldn’t trust my website to anyone but myself!

 I went for it when seeing Macey’s work, and fell in love! My website fits my personality perfectly she nailed it, and I am so thankful for her!